This web site is all about stories and information that have to do with people from small towns and all things related to small town folk, such as folklore, folk tales, and a number of other things. There may also be some information about geography and specific famous small towns around the world.

On this web site as well as on the many posts and pages published here, visitors will be able to find a lot of enjoyable, useful info, short stories and posts about small towns and small town folks, whether about nature and natural surroundings or about different ways of life and typical traits one might find in societies of small communities and small towns. There are posts about small towns in England, the US, Canada, Australia, the UK in General and even Nordic Countries like Norway, as well as other countries throughout the world. Some of the stories found here may be fictional and some may be based on true facts. It is worth noting that not all the information found here might be entirely accurate, so, for further reading, we encourage the readers to look up information further in places such as the internet and public libraries, etc.

This web page is dedicated to presenting info about the fascinating world of small towns, from the perspective of a small community or a small society. There is available info and stories about bigger cities as well, so, if you are interested in community life and lifestyles in small towns and big cities, keep on reading.