Small Towns in the Mojave Desert

The caring shaman truly had nothing to give to this poor man, so he felt deeply moved by the misery this man and his family found themselves in, and deeply sorry for not being able to alleviate it. So, he kneeled and implored to mother nature for mercy. While praying, he looked around and his eyes fell upon a lizard who was peacefully reposed on a rock and sunbathing. So, the shaman held out his hand to the lizard, gently. When the hand made contact with the beautiful skin, the lizard turned into a jewel of gold and emeralds. So, the shaman, immediately gave it to the Native American and said: Take this, go to the city, which was 80 km away from this small town18-jpg and sell it for something that can help your family.

The native started his journey to the big city immediately and upon returning, he did not only remedy his hunger and that of his family, but he was able to buy some land which fed his family for many years. When his situation had considerably improved, years later, he thought he must restore the jewel to his rightful owner. So, on a beautiful summer morning like this one, he bought it back and returned with it to find the shaman, whom he found on the same trail as during their previous encounter, although he looked much older.

I wanted to return this gem that you once gave me and has helped me and my family so much, said the Native American. I no longer need it; perhaps it can help someone else. Thank you very much. The old man gently put the gem on a rock. Suddenly, by the miracle of Mother Earth, the precious object turned back into what it had once been; a beautiful lizard, who began walking slowly back to its cave.