Smallville – State of Kansas

Many people have probably heard over the years about Smallville. Smallville, located in the US state of Kansas, is notable due to many curious, freak incidents that have affected this seemingly quiet small town over the years. Among them, we could perhaps mention the several meteor showers that have caudownload-19sed havoc and severe damage to the infrastructure of this small, resilient farm community. There are many curious facts surrounding these meteor showers. For one, it is a phenomenon unique in the history of Planet Earth, since not once has an event of such caliber ever been recorded in any other geographic location. It is worth mentioning that, despite the hundreds of meteors that hit Smallville over the years, the loss of human and animal lives has been rather low.

In addition to that, Smallville has, over the years, seen several other freak incidents related to their population. For example, Smallville High School, which is the only high school in this small town, has been the epicenter of many violent incidents involving students, in which entire rooms were blown up, students were found dead from unnatural, still unexplained causes and others are rumored to have developed supernatural powers, attacked police officers and gone mad, to later end up being locked up in asylums. Some investigators have attributed these incidents to the crops and water in Smallville having been infected with toxins from outer space, brought by the meteors, but nothing has ever been proven.

Notable citizens that have lived in Smallville include Kansas senator Martha Kent and Pulitzer winner Lois Lane. Senator Kent’s son, Clark Kent, was once considered one of the most skillful junior quarterbacks high school football had ever seen and was thus offered a million dollar contract, which the Kent family turned down, for reasons unknown. Kent quit football and went on to study journalism at Metropolis University, without so much as a scholarship.