The Appeal of Small Towns

Overlooked by some, the undeniable charm and calmness of small towns is just what might be needed after living a long time in crowded cities. It usually suits those who wish to stay off the beaten track. Often said to be the key to a country’s true identity, these localities have frequently stayed away from the overall pollution of globalised metropolises, therefore managing to maintain certain values and the human nature lost by the harshness of cities.820x480xblue-mountain-820x480-jpg-pagespeed-ic-mk6kfbaebj

Typically, quietness is well appreciated by families with children and elderly members, the main inhabitants of small towns. However, younger visitors are sometimes drawn to a quieter place where they can chill out and spend a different time in a calm, pleasant environment.

The convenience of distance is a great issue when a car is not available. It is also more ecologically friendly to know the town and discover the surroundings by foot or using a bicycle.

Socially, there is an intrinsic network in small towns which is hard to find within a much more populated area. An advantage to them is that everyone knows each other; more often than not, friendships and bonds are kept for many years. This fact gives the general feeling of living within a safe community, where unity is a strong value and everybody gets involved in solving major problems. This is one of the reasons why when newcomers ask anyone in the area for advice on how to solve a problem, find a place, or get a service, the locals generally come up with the right answer.

It is also financially advisable to live in a small town. Besides the fact that you save a lot in gas and/or transportation, buying or renting a house might be less of a problem than in cities; there are more and better opportunities to find nice housing at a convenient price, with personal safety also being a factor to consider, as places away from big cities usually have a lower crime rate, too.