Packing Tips When Moving House

couple moving into a new house

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, and often, thinking about packing if fairly low down the list when you have solicitors, estate agents and lenders to liaise with. But, when it comes to actually packing your belongings, it can suddenly seem a far greater task than you originally thought. Only when you begin to pack for a house move, you realise just how much stuff you have!

Let’s take a look at some helpful packing tips when moving house.

To begin with, De-clutter

It’s always wise to start by de-cluttering your home to make the day easier. The fewer items you have to move, the less time and money you will spend on the moving process. Separate your stuff by category and put the items you’ll donate or sell in a separate box. Once you’ve sorted the boxes, start the actual packing process. It’s a good idea to move out these discarded items before you actually begin packing. Even if it’s in the garage, or storage, they are done and out of the way, creating space for packing your belongings.

Cleaning Before the Move

After you’ve sorted through your belongings, clean and dust everything. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to begin cleaning your items at your new home. Ideally, just a quick dust and general clean at your new home, not an in-depth cleanse of what could be years of dust from stored items.

Label Boxes and Furniture

Another packing tip is to label boxes clearly. This will make the process so much easier when directing your removal company to the correct room on arrival. Packing of items should be considered too. Books as an example, will need a sturdy box or container, able to carry the combined weight; while toiletries aren’t particularly heavy, but many should be sealed or packed individually, and transported upright. To avoid leakage, use sealable bags to protect bottles.

packing boxes labelled for moving house

If possible, try to place important documents in clear plastic boxes so that they’ll be easily accessible when you’re unpacking. This will save valuable time, and allow sorting by room without opening each and every box or container. Once you’ve filled your boxes, label them with clearly the contents, and the room of the new house they should be in.

A great labelling tip is to colour code the boxes by room. Bedroom 1, 2 3 etc can become confusing. So, for example, apply a blue sticker to your items that should go to your kitchen, and when you arrive, add the same blue sticker to the kitchen door. Simple!

Keep the Essentials Accessible

The last packing tip is to be very cautious about the packing order. Before you pack the items that you’re not using right now, start with the items you rarely use. It is also important to make sure you’ve packed the essentials so that you can find them quickly. Sometimes keeping these at the top of boxes is helpful. You can also keep more urgent essentials like a toothbrush and phone charger in a separate box, which you can pack in a convenient location.

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